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The first reference to the Palou del Call farmhouse dates back to the 12th century. Since the 14th century, the family, which manages Palou del Call, has lived in the Masía del Call de Odèn house and continues with the Call surname after more than eighteen generations. In its beginnings it was dedicated mainly to the breeding of cows, mares, sheep and goats, all related to the direct grazing of the natural meadows that are on the Call estate, the farmhouse. Another parallel and no less important activity is logging with the sale of wood from the forest, both whole trees and planks from sawmills near the river. For this reason, there are sawmills on the farm that also served as a lot of grain to make flour. Currently, in addition to selling the wood from the forest, a part of lower quality and size is used to make biomass and supply our wood chip boilers. In this way we can heat and supply hot sanitary water to our rural houses, including that of Palou del Call.

This represents closing the natural circle: from the Palou forest to the comfort of the house.

Rural sustainability has always been a priority for the family, so we are committed to the environment from the collection of rainwater itself, through solar energy and making the most of forest resources.

In 2013 we adapted the Palou del Call farmhouse into a lodging to welcome guests, thus becoming a rural tourism house in Solsonès.

Located at an altitude of 900 m in the municipality of Lladurs, in the Solsonès region within the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, it is just 20 minutes from the municipality of Solsona.

Guests should not share spaces and it is adapted for people with reduced mobility. It is located in the middle of nature and pets are accepted.

The family continues with the forestry and livestock activity of grazing cows.

We are very grateful to the people who visit us and help us improve day by day.

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